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Your One-Stop Guide To The 45 Best Beer Brands in India – The Savior of Mankind!

Just don’t care about the Beer-Belly! We hear whispers that it’s a fable, and we’re inclined to trust those mumblings.
Just don’t care about the Beer-Belly! We hear whispers that it’s a fable, and we’re inclined to trust those mumblings.

When it comes to alcohol, Nothing spells better than an ice-cold beer. People likely tend to consume beer as they find it a refreshing drink that comfortably goes with any age groups whether it is an oldie or a young. Beer is a favorite drink for all and loved by the nation. This is the drink that perfectly fits with any scene especially well with traveling since one can start a beer party almost anywhere. Whether it’s the hills or the deserts, just open a bottle and start having the time of your life because a lovely conversation and good memories start with a bottle of Beer. So without further ado, let’s just explore 45 of the Best Beer Brands in India.

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We are sure you’ll be pleasantly amazed to discover that the listing is a little wider than Kingfisher and Tuborg. From the Exotic Brands to the Country Made and the bottled beers brands like Heineken and Hoegaarden, the offerings would please even the snootiest connoisseur. And don’t care about the beer belly, we hear whispers that it’s a fable, and we’re inclined to trust those mumblings.

Let’s Unbox The Mystery Box…

Our nation prides itself on being one of the largest beer consumers in the entire world, and we can’t complain honestly. In addition, the Indian beer industry is booming, with an annual growth of 10% anticipated in drawing close years. The beer was brought to India by the British, who subsequently installation a brewery that produced Asia’s first beer — a pale ale, popularly known as LION. However, nowadays, lager is the predominant type of beer available in India. It is available in two strengths — mild (with around 5% alcohol) and a generous strong (with around 6–8% alcohol). Relying on the location, a large 650 ml bottle of beer will value you about 100 rupees at a liquor store, and double or triple that at the bar in India.

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The largest manufacturer of beer in India is Bangalore-based United Breweries, which makes Kingfisher and Kalyani Black Label. The organization dominates about half the market. Global brewing giant SABMiller (now Anheuser-Busch InBev) entered the Indian market in 2000. In 2001, it acquired Mysore Breweries (which makes Knock Out beer), accompanied by Shaw Wallace’s beer brands Royal challenge and Haywards 5000 in 2003. it is the second-largest beer producer in India, with a market share of around 25%.

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What’s especially noteworthy is the recent upward thrust of craft beer in India. It is anticipated to be a major trend in the future with many new players getting into the marketplace.

1. Kingfisher

Kingfisher isn’t just a beer, it’s a religion in itself. One of the finest and Best Beer Brands in India, Kingfisher is the most recognized and extensively available brand that unites beer lovers across the country. This is the one true national player, that regardless of the difficult situation, remains the “King of Good Times”. Exceptional flavor, good price, and great distribution are what make Kingfisher the most trustable and broadly consumed beer in India.

Best Beer Brands in India_Kingfisher Beer on The Beach
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Key Facts:

Kingfisher was released in India in 1978 and since then it has acquired a massive market share of about 40%, although this has now decreased by 4.3% in recent years according to market studies. The very popular Kingfisher strong, containing around 8% alcohol, leads the Indian beer market. It has more flavor than the regular Kingfisher premium, which has 4.8% alcohol. Another variation is Kingfisher Blue, marketed as the young and trendy. This is also a strong beer with the alcohol content around 8% but it has a very mild watery flavor. Distinctive and full-bodied Kingfisher ultra, crafted from imported ingredients, is the most modern label to hit the marketplace.

Best Beer Brands in India_Kingfisher Beer
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Kingfisher Beer Price In India:
₹ 100.00 For Kingfisher Draught Beer-CAN 500ML.
₹ 125.00 For Kingfisher Premium Lager Beer 650ML.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Kingfisher Beer: 8%

2. Carlsberg

The tagline of CarlsbergProbably The Best in The World” is ironic because it’s far away from the best even in countries that don’t produce much beer themselves. Surprisingly even though it’s a notably huge brand, it’s still not available at a number of places. Talking about the taste and flavor, this spiffy beer has grainy bittersweet notes and offers a pretty clean drinking experience. This is the kind of beer you want to sip on by the poolside, and delicately pair a light salad or even a fruit platter with it.

Best Beer Brands in India_Carlsberg Beer
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Carlsberg Beer Price In India:
₹ 100.00 For Carlsberg Elephant Strong Super Premium Beer-CAN-500ML. 
₹ 120.00 For Carlsberg All Malt Premium Beer-CAN-500ML.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Carlsberg Beer: 5%

3. Budweiser

Budweiser is one of the best beer brands available in our country, this legendary American beer has inspired so many beer brands to come into existence. Known for its fresh and light taste, today Budweiser has become synonymous with “beer”. The primary reason to drink Bud is to switch you back to those good vintage days as this will certainly make you happy and help you to rejoice your reminiscences. Savor your bud with a well-done burger and fries combo.

Best Beer Brands in India_Budweiser Beer
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Budweiser Beer Price In India:
₹ 100.00 For Budweiser Premium King of Beers 330ML.
₹ 185.00 For Budweiser Magnum Strong Beers 650ML.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Budweiser Beer: 6.5%

4. Foster’s

This mild-colored Australian lager is a full-bodied drink with a rather malty flavor, and it pairs nicely with classic sports night food. Goes well with chicken wings and pizza!

Best Beer Brands in India_Foster’s Beer
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Foster’s Beer Price In India:
₹ 65.00 For Foster’s Lager Beer-CAN 330 ML.
₹ 125.00 For Foster’s Strong Premium Beer 650ML.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Foster’s Beer: 6.9%

5. Tuborg

This clever party beer with the handy pull tab is driving our youth with its mighty potency and quite the distinct bitterness. Conveniently available everywhere, this Danish brand has probably unlocked the distribution secret in India like no other. For it to be competent to survive in the market for this long without actually having any taste is an achievement in itself.

Best Beer Brands in India_Tuborg Beer
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Key Facts:

Tuborg is a Danish brewing company that was started in 1873 by Carl Frederik Tietgen. Since 1970 it has come under Carlsberg Group. The brewery was set up in Hellerup which is a part of northern Copenhagen, Denmark. It is one of the finest beer and is loved by people because of the combination of fine taste and economical rate.

Best Beer Brands in India_Tuborg Beer
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Tuborg Beer Price In India:
₹ 95.00 For Tuborg Green Beer-CANS-500ML.
₹ 120.00 For Tuborg STRONG PREMIUM Beer 650ML.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Tuborg Beer: 4.8%

6. Haywards 5000

One of the best beer brands in India, the Haywards beer is most recognized for its iconic Haywards 5000, a brew which is one hell of a strong lager. With 7% of alcohol content, this “damdaar” lager has made its remarkable presence for its vintage advertising and of course, a formidable hit that rocked most of North India.

Best Beer Brands in India_Haywards 5000 Beer
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Key Facts:

The brand was launched in 1974, with the Haywards 2000 mild beer, as an extension of the renowned Haywards liquor brand (which was founded in the early 1900s). Haywards 5000 subsequently hit the market in 1978. In 2015, SABMiller launched a Haywards 5000 BOLD beer that’s brewed for 48 hours long and has a full-bodied taste. Haywards also produces a rarer super-strong Haywards 10000. Haywards has a market share of nearly 11% and is consumed the most in Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, and Chattisgarh.

Best Beer Brands in India_Haywards 5000 Beer
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Haywards 5000 Beer Price In India:
₹ 95.00 For Original Haywards 5000 Super Strong Beer-CANS-500ML.
₹ 70.00 For Original Haywards 5000 Super Strong Beer-CAN 330 ML.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Haywards 5000 Beer: 7%

7. Godfather

To our amazement, this “Father of God” is unanimously gifted across all the hill stations we tread to in India. Perhaps because it’s a strong brew and a single bottle is enough for its target audience probably the bus/truck drivers to hold awake through the night time driving through the hills. Well, we aren’t complaining either!

Best Beer Brands in India_Godfather Beer
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Key Facts:

Godfather is the flagship beer brand of Devans Modern Breweries Limited, a brewing company that commenced operations in Jammu in 1961. The beer comes in three varieties — Strong (7.5% alcohol content), Lager (5% alcohol content), and Lite (4.5% alcohol content). What’s unique about Godfather beer is its long-brewing cycle, which lasts for 25 days, as opposed to the usual 12–15 days. This gives it body and a fresher taste. You’ll find that Godfather Lager and Lite beers are more bitter than other lagers such as Kingfisher Premium.

Best Beer Brands in India_Godfather Beer
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Godfather Beer Price In India:
₹ 90.00 For Godfather Strong Beer-CAN 330 ML.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Godfather Beer: The beer comes in three varieties — Strong (7.5% alcohol content), Lager (5% alcohol content), and Lite (4.5% alcohol content).

8. Heineken

Heineken, an iconic Dutch pale lager is almost a perfect combination of flavor, price and is extremely popular across the country and cherished for its relatively strong punch and a full-bodied taste. Acknowledged for its signature green bottle and the red star, this pale lager is available unanimously across thekas and pubs leading it to one of the most popular and best beer brands in India.

Best Beer Brands in India_Heineken Beer
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Heineken Lager Beer Price In India:
₹ 190.00 For Heineken Lager Beer 650ML.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Heineken Lager Beer: 5%

9. Bira 91

Pass over mainstream beers, Bira 91 (the number stands for India’s country code) is a brand new craft beer that’s taking urban India by storm. Introduced in 2015, it’s already turned out to be a household call amongst beer fans and is the very best selling premium beer in lots of the capital city bars. The company pursuits to fill the space in the market for a “trendy, unorthodox, fun and smart brand of beer”. It’s positioned between the mainstream Indian beer brands and steeply-priced imported ones.

Best Beer Brands in India_Bira 91 Beer
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Key Facts:

In order to identify and create beers that would suit the Indian palate, the company’s founder spent three months traveling across Europe. Bira 91 started out with two varieties that are much milder (with an alcohol content below 5%) than other beers in the Indian market. Bira 91 White Ale is a low-bitterness wheat beer with a hint of spicy citrus, while Bira 91 Blonde is a flavorful lager with extra hops and malt. The company has subsequently introduced strong and light beers. Bira 91 Light is a low-calorie beer with reduced alcohol content (4%) for health-conscious consumers. Bira 91 Strong is a high-intensity wheat beer with an alcohol content of 7%. In a testament to Bira’s desirability, the company launched without a marketing campaign and has relied on word of mouth. In May 2017, Bira 91 was featured in the United Nations’ Beer of the Month Program.

Best Beer Brands in India_Bira 91 Beer
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Bira White Beer Price In India:
₹ 170–220 For Bira White Beer-CANS-330ML. Pint.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Bira White Beer: 7%

10. Corona

Pretty polarising drink, Corona is an easy-breezy Mexican number and it has a really mild maltiness. Corona is amazing in taste but in terms of pricing, it isn’t always affordable by everybody. It’s miles an expensive beer and isn’t typically present at every place. So to taste this beer you probably need to wind up at high ended clubs. Well, it is still worth attempting at least once in a lifetime.

Best Beer Brands in India_Corona Beer
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Corona Beer Price In India:
₹ 280.00 For Corona Extra Beer 355ML.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Corona Beer: 4.5%

11. Breezer

Breezer has made all of us lose our alcohol virginity, did you lose the same way?

Bacardi Breezer is essentially a fruit-based alcopop with a varied percentage of alcohol content that differs from country to country. For India, it is 4.8% alcohol. This alcopop comes in a massive range of fruit flavors and pioneered the class of flavored beers which includes: peach, apple, lemon, ruby grapefruit, pineapple, orange, watermelon, cranberry, blackberry, blueberry, pomegranate, lime, raspberry, coconut, mango, and strawberry. Similarly, it’s also available in both Pina Colada and chocolate flavors.

Best Beer Brands in India_Breezer Beer
Image Courtesy: Red Dot Design Award

Breezer Beer Price In India:
₹ 120.00 For Breezer 275ML.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Breezer Beer: 4.8%

12. Stella Artois

Quite the sophisticated brew, this Belgian Pilsner is pretty expensive and notoriously away from most beer stores and bars across the country. Noted to be one of the best beer brands in India, Stella Artois has a well-balanced taste – pleasantly bitter and a very refreshing finish which is served typically in its special chalice-shaped glasses. This versatile beer is the perfect food accessory, going with everything from flavorful BBQs to delicate fish BBQs.

Best Beer Brands in India_Stella Artois Beer
Image Courtesy: Yousense

Stella Artois Beer Price In India:
₹ 280.00 For Stella Artois Premium Lager Beer 330ML.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Stella Artois Beer: Alcohol content ranging between 4.8% and 5.2%.

13. Kingfisher Ultra

Kingfisher Ultra is the newest addition to Kingfishers’ house but this Lager which is present from ages remains preferred by the majority. It has the same old flavor and is relatively cheap than the other ones. The ultra is a smoother, classier edition of the original hit machine and makes for a perfect play with desi Chinese or Kathi Rolls.

Best Beer Brands in India_Kingfisher Ultra Beer
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Kingfisher Ultra Beer Price In India:
₹ 140.00 For Kingfisher Ultra Lager Beer 650ML.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Kingfisher Ultra Beer: 4.2%

14. Hoegaarden

One of the most amazing, expensive, and best beer brands currently available in India, Hoegaarden makes the cut solely on the basis of its flavors and taste. Featuring the distinct aroma of an orange peel, coriander, and select herbs and a sunny-meets-cloudy look, this is one Belgian wheat beer that works well with a slice of orange and is designed for long lazy afternoons.

Best Beer Brands in India_Hoegaarden Beer
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Hoegaarden Beer Price In India:
₹ 280.00 For Hoegaarden Beer 330ML.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Hoegaarden Beer: 4.9%

15. Asahi Super Dry

Crisp, smooth, and with just a trace of bitterness, this mild golden lager has a subtle citrus aroma and is flavourful, and balanced. Perfectly fits in the class of the best beer brands in India, Asahi Super Dry is a Japanese import beer with a refreshing flavor and is likely the best accompaniment to a steaming bowl of ramen and even grilled yakitori.

Best Beer Brands in India_Asahi Super Dry Beer
Image Courtesy: Foodism Toronto

Asahi Super Dry Beer Price In India:
₹ 285.00 For Asahi Super Dry Beer 330ML.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Asahi Super Dry Beer: 5%

16. Budweiser Magnum

Among the strongest beers made in the country, the Budweiser Magnum is possibly the most palatable. Notably smooth, crisp and easy to drink (and gets the job done a lot faster!).

Best Beer Brands in India_Budweiser Magnum Beer
Image Courtesy: Hasshe

Budweiser Magnum Beer Price In India:
₹ 185.00 For Budweiser Magnum Strong Beers 650ML.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Budweiser Magnum Beer: 6.5%

17. King’s

Aah, here comes the KING! What’s Goa without King’s, eh? The beautiful beaches of Goaand King’s beer go hand in hand. This beer, which unfortunately is only brewed and offered in the state of Goa, is a spotlight of any trip there. A deliciously beachy beer that never truly left the sunshine state of Goa, King’s is the go-to beer for your sun and sand holiday, and the perfect accompaniment to lazy shack afternoons, full of fresh fish and some spicy vindaloo.

Best Beer Brands in India_King’s Beer
Image Courtesy: Drinks & Destinations

Key Facts:

Launched in 2015, the King’s Black Label premium pilsner is a very light tasting, a pale-colored beer which is known for its smoky malt aroma. It possesses an alcohol content of 4.85% and is priced very attractively. A small 375 ml bottle will only set you back around 50 rupees at most beach shacks, and half that at a liquor store. No wonder Kings remains a fond memory for many people long after the vacation is over!

Best Beer Brands in India_King’s Beer
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King’s Beer Price In India:
₹ 50.00 For King’s Black Label premium pilsner Beer 375ML.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of King’s Beer: 4.85%

18. Miller

Another all-American star on our listing, this classic lager is best recognized for its clear bottle and a crisp smooth flavor. Excellent shade, average price, but one will find it tough to hold drinking this beer throughout the night by the campfire without having the temptation of switching to a different one if available. Sip this during a Netflix-Marathon and pair it with buttery popcorn and cheesy nachos.

Best Beer Brands in India_Miller Beer
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Miller Beer Price In India:
₹ 115.00 For Miller High Life Tin 500ML.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Miller Beer: 4.6%

19. Knock Out

Doesn’t the name say it all? The beer that aims to rejoice ‘strong’ men who show a ‘strong’ character, this much-loved desi beer has a whopping 8% alcohol content and is terrific with an extra-large portion of your favorite biryani.

Best Beer Brands in India_Knock Out Beer
Image Courtesy: Kedar Malegaonkar

Key Facts:

Released in 1984, Knock Out beer is particularly popular in the states of Telangana, Karnataka, and Maharashtra. The brand’s purpose is to “celebrate strong men who display a strong character”. This malt beer does pack a punch! It has a powerful taste and aroma, the alcohol content of 8%, and good carbonation. The brand has about a 9% market share and many loyal drinkers in south India.

Best Beer Brands in India_Knock Out Beer
Image Courtesy: Imglogy

Knock Out Beer Price In India:
₹ 120.00. For Knock Out Refreshing Strong Beer-PET-650ML.
₹ 170.00. For Knockout Refreshing Strong Beer 1000ML.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Knock Out Beer: 8%

20. Black Label Kalyani

Appropriately fits into the category of the best beer brands in India, Kalyani is the true South Indian legend. Available almost everywhere while one goes journeying down south, and so its place in this listing is justified. This strong lager is described as a smooth mellowed brew with an extra bite. Its alcohol content is a generous 7.8% and it has a surprisingly sweet aftertaste. If you like a beer with plenty of flavors, blindly go for Kalyani.

Best Beer Brands in India_Black Label Kalyani Beer
Image Courtesy: YT img

Key Facts:

Kalyani Black Label is one of India’s oldest lagers (and some will tell you that it’s an old man’s drink). It has iconic status in West Bengal, where it was launched in 1969. The beer is named after one of United Breweries’ first breweries, in the West Bengal town of Kalyani near Kolkata. It’s popular across eastern India as well as Delhi and comes in both premium (mild) and strong varieties.

Best Beer Brands in India_Black Label Kalyani Beer
Image Courtesy: TripSavvy

Kalyani Black Label Beer Price In India:
₹ 100.00 For Kalyani Black Label Strong Beer 650ML.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Kalyani Black Label Beer: 7.8%

21. Guinness Beer

The sole stout on our list, Guinness has a wonderful flavor, hitting those espresso and cocoa notes and serving up sweet, malty love. Swig this beauty with a rich stew, a fine burger, or better relish with some dark chocolate.

Best Beer Brands in India_Guinness Beer
Image Courtesy: IrishCentral

Guinness Beer Price In India:
₹ 200.00 For Guinness Beer 650ML.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Guinness Beer: 5.6%

22. Tsingtao

This amber-colored Pilsner beer grants a nutty candy taste and a slightly malty flavor. Tsingtao is a pale lager ale brewed in a Tsingtao Brewery, an Anglo-German brewery in Qingdao on the Eastern Coast of China. Extremely refreshing, this Chinese-origin beer pairs nicely with spicy Asian food, and possibly even with your favorite takeout bowl meals.

Best Beer Brands in India_Tsingtao Beer
Image Courtesy: Courtney Phi

Tsingtao Beer Price In India:
₹ 180.00 For Tsingtao Beer 650ML.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Tsingtao Beer: 4.7%

23. Happy By Thirsty

Crisp & Summery, Happy By Thirsty is a sneaky number that starts on a gentle fruity note, but then raises the pace and ends on a mildly bitter note. A terrific day drink, it’s great with every kind of finger food, particularly fried fish and chunky potato wedges.

Best Beer Brands in India_Happy By Thirsty Beer
Image Courtesy: Hot Trending Now

Happy By Thirsty Beer Price In India:
₹ 170.00 For Happy By Thirsty Beer 650ML.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Happy By Thirsty Beer: 4.5%

24. White Rhino Wit

White Rhino Wit is Belgian-fashioned wheat beer but with a desi twist: It uses Indian rolled wheat and fresh coriander seeds from the Himalayas. light, aromatic, and really refreshing, this homegrown marvel works perfectly with the inherent tang of Mexican and Thai food.

Best Beer Brands in India_White Rhino Wit Beer
Image Courtesy: Mumbai foodie

White Rhino Wit Beer Price In India:
₹ 150.00 For White Rhino Wit Beer 330ML.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of White Rhino Wit Beer: 4.9%

25. Daredevil

The only Devil on our list of the best beer brands in India, Dare Devil is a wheat beer that guarantees complete taste and carbonation but cuts down on the heavy stuff. Fresh off the block, we think you ought to have a guilt-free boozy session by pairing this with a salad or an easy grill.

Best Beer Brands in India_Daredevil Beer
Image Courtesy: Pinimg

Daredevil Beer Price In India:
₹ 120.00 For Dare Devil Pull-Tab Bottles 650ML.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Daredevil Beer: 8%

26. Simba

Simba beer was set up, so that the makers could brew the beer they would like to have — flavorful, authentic, and made with high-quality ingredients. This is made in small batches using finely crafted recipes and not formulas. The packaging of this beer is dark and simple yet very attractive.

Best Beer Brands in India_Simba Beer
Image Courtesy: Behance

Simba Beer Price In India:
₹ 110.00 For Simba 500ML. Bottle

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Simba Beer: Strong (7.5% alcohol content), Lager (5% alcohol content) and Lite (4.5% alcohol content)

27. Simona

Established in 2017, Thirsty beers aim to bring back origin to the art of beer and brews. Simona is Thirsty Beer’s second product which is a premium wheat beer offering with aromas of banana and a clove-like spiciness. It is a favorite in summers and is brewed using pure wheat malts and live yeast.

Best Beer Brands in India_Simona Beer
Image Courtesy: Brewer World

Simona Beer Price In India:
₹ 200.00 For Simona 330ML. Bottle

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Simona Beer: 5.5%

28. Erdinger Sommerweisse

Erdinger is an iconic German brewery and for their new wheat beer, they have crafted Sommerweisse which is made through a process that brings out the flavor and mildly aromatic bitterness particularly well. This beer is aromatic but still remains true to the traditional style. They have also designed a special glass for this beer so that the hop aromas and delicate flavors can be enjoyed to the fullest.

Best Beer Brands in India_Erdinger Sommerweisse Beer
Image Courtesy: ERDINGER Weissbier

Erdinger Sommerweisse Beer Price In India:
₹ 200.00 For Erdinger Sommerweisse 330ML. Bottle

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Erdinger Sommerweisse Beer: 4.60%

29. Chimay

It is an authentic Trappist beer and is recognized by the International Trappist Association. Chimay is brewed within the walls of the Trappist Monastery, under the supervision of monks who are also responsible for making and then marketing the beer. The first beer was produced by the monks of Chimay in 1862 and it was in 2013 that it was marketed for the first time. Currently, only 2 versions are available in India — Chimay Gold Blonde Ale and Chimay Red Dark Ale.

Best Beer Brands in India_Chimay Beer
Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Chimay Beer Price In India:
₹ 550.00 For a pint of Chimay

Currently Available: Mumbai

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Chimay Beer: Chimay Red 7% and Chimay Blue 9% ABV

30. Delirium

Delirium is one of the most popular Belgian beers out there and is easily recognizable due to its pink elephant logo and ceramic bottles. A trip to Brussels is incomplete without a trip to the Delirium Café which serves over 2000 beer! It has an incredibly high volume of alcohol and is exported worldwide. The two flavors available in India are — Delirium Tremens Belgian Strong Blonde Ale and Delirium Nocturnum Belgian Strong Dark Ale.

Best Beer Brands in India_Delirium Beer
Image Courtesy: Travel Well Magazine

Delirium Beer Price In India:
₹ 450.00 For a pint of Delirium

Currently Available: Delhi and Mumbai

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Delirium Beer: 8.5%

31. Royal Challenge

“Wish your life was as smooth as Royal Challenge

Emerges as one of the highest-selling beer brands in India, the Royal Challenge is absolutely smooth on the palate and packed with distinctive flavors. Not to be confused with the ubiquitous Royal Challenge whiskey in India, this Premium Lager was launched in 1993 and holds an alcohol content of about 5%. Taking you extensively to an experience of the finest beer, the extended brewing cycle of Royal Challenge makes it smooth with a rich and potent taste. Prepared using the finest six malt barley, a sip of Royal Challenge could plunge you into its amazing taste that will tranquilize your senses from within.

Best Beer Brands in India_Royal Challenge Beer
Image Courtesy: Google user content

Royal Challenge Beer Price In India: 
₹ 50.00 For Royal Challenge Premium Lager Beer 330ML.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Royal Challenge Beer: 5%

32. White Owl

To leverage the experience of light body handcrafted Beer, Javed Murad, a student of Harvard started White Owl Brewery in Mumbai, which redefined the taste of the craft beer market in India! 
Introduced in 3 types namely:
Spark — Featuring a light golden color with a note of orange, lemon, and coriander on the palate.
Diablo — Featuring a deep brownish color with a touch of caramel and roasted barley mouthfeel. 
Ace — Classic cider style with adequate sweetness giving a balance of green apple and wheat finish that will explicitly give you a soothing feel. The best part comes when you realize it has a very less amount of carbon bubbles making it a healthier beer to sip on.
So, it’s time to savor the benign.

Best Beer Brands in India_White Owl Beer
Image Courtesy: Mumbai foodie

White Owl Beer Price In India:
₹ 110.00 For White Owl Beer 325ML.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of White Owl Beer: 4.5%

33. Indus Pride

Want to experience the true blend of Indian spices? SABMiller has made your wish possible! Launched by a British brewing company, Indus Pride is a spicy beer that would hit your senses with its truly unique and desi taste. Now, Indulge yourself appraising the essence of homegrown Indian spices with the four distinctive and refreshing flavors of Indus Pride — Citrusy Cardamom, Citrusy Coriander, Fiery Cinnamon and Spicy Fennel.

Citrusy Cardamom — Royal taste giving a feel of drinking pure liquid gold Citrusy Coriander — Fruity taste of lemon to rejuvenate your body and soul 
Fiery Cinnamon — Bundle of spices to stimulate your taste buds with a touch of tamarind and subtle finish of chilies along with a note of sweetness
Spicy Fennel — Perfect blend of chili, nutmeg, and fennel to touch Indian hearts

So, add zest to your mood and relish the moment with these exciting flavors.

Best Beer Brands in India_Indus Pride Beer
Image Courtesy: Google user content

Indus Pride Beer Price In India:
₹ 85.00 For Indus Pride Beer 330ML.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Indus Pride Beer: 4.8%

34. Bro Code

Serving the spirit of brotherhood, Bro Code is one of the strongest beer in India that was introduced by the Indospirit Beverages, Goa. One of the best beer to kickstart your mood and keep you high for a long time, the Bro Code holds a massive alcohol percentage of 15%. The beer boasts a slight grape and apple smell complimented with a pale yellow color like champagne that gives you a feel of both the world, wine and beer altogether! This sparkling beer invigorates your night of salaciousness and lets you immerse in the refreshing taste of crafted Brut, and pamper yourself!

Best Beer Brands in India_Bro Code Beer
Image Courtesy: Google user content

Bro Code Beer Price In India:
₹ 100.00 For Bro Code Beer 330ML.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Bro Code Beer: 15%

35. Beck’s Ice

A true hipster, Beck’s Ice is German beer that has won the hearts of beer lovers ensuring purity in every sip! Now treat yourself with super smooth and 100% pure malt beer with no added sugar. The natural ingredients blended in Beck’s Ice are carefully brewed with love to fill you with refreshment and energy! Furthermore, the strong carbonation and fizz of this pure malt with a clean golden color enhance your taste buds to have it even more!
Time to unwind, sit back, and take a break enjoying the simplicity and salience of this best beer brand in India!

Best Beer Brands in India_Beck’s Ice Beer
Image Courtesy: Brewer world

Beck’s Ice Beer Price In India:
₹ 215.00 For Beck’s Ice Beer 650ML.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Beck’s Ice Beer: 7%

36. Singha

Who wouldn’t love “The Original Thai Beer”?
Singha, the Thai beer is a premium quality lager brewed with the finest quality ingredients, and three excellent hops, namely Saaz, Perle, and Hallertau, imported from around the world. Particularly recommended for those who preferlight brews, Singha flaunts aslightly sweet and citrus flavor with a tint of grassy earthy aroma which is enough to amplify your cravings! Pair it with Asian cuisine & take possession of an epicurean feel!

Best Beer Brands in India_Singha Beer
Image Courtesy: Kohsamui sunset

Singha Beer Price In India:
₹ 300.00 For Singha Lager Beer 750ML.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Singha Beer: 5%

37. Leffe Beer

A perfect aperitif beer, Leffe carries a remarkable yet subtle aroma of fruity malt, smoked wood, herbal, and spices. Owned by InBev Belgium, this authentic blond abbey beer boasts of a smooth, full-bodied taste that is topped off with just the slightest hint of bitterness. Featuring an amber golden color, this beer is easy on the palate and a must-try for beer connoisseurs
Get ready to drink this super smooth beer with your buddies at your secret dinner!

Best Beer Brands in India_Leffe Beer
Image Courtesy: Soberito

Leffe Beer Price In India:
₹ 280.00 For Leffe Beer330ML.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Leffe Beer:
Leffe Blond ABV — 6.6%
Leffe Brown ABV — 6.5%
Leffe Tripel ABV — 8.5%

38. Christoffel Bier

Gifted by Netherland, Christoffel Bier is one of the most remarkable beer brands in India that has got a character of its own. A Pilsner style German beer that comes in a unique orange golden hue that would explicitly attract you to sip it once. A very powerful hoppy Pilsner, Christoffel Bier features an excellent balance of solid fruity backing and dry aftertaste with plenty of interesting flavors
Drench yourself in the grassy feel and quench your thirst!

Best Beer Brands in India_Christoffel Bier Beer
Image Courtesy: Untappd Akamaized

Christoffel Bier Beer Price In India:
₹ 275.00 For Christoffel Bier Beer 330ML.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Christoffel Bier Beer: 6%

39. London Pride

Feel the pure sensory experience with Flagship beer of fuller’s brewery! A classic English drink, London Pride boasts of a malty sweet taste with a fine bitterness of brilliant red currant flavor. Featuring a fabulous body and complemented by a fruity, gratifying finish, this super easy-going drink is the one that every beer lover would cherish. Known for its antiquity and continuity this fine blend of the hop is perfect for nights of casual, smooth drinking
Enjoy the tangy touch on the palate at the end and get surprised in every sip!

Best Beer Brands in India_London Pride Beer
Image Courtesy: Shopify

London Pride Beer Price In India:
₹ 290.00 For London Pride Beer 330ML.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of London Pride Beer: 4.7%

40. Zingaro

If you are looking for a strong beer that is easy on the pocket then Zingaro emerges as a strong golden beer. Introduced by Millennium Beer Industries (United Breweries), Zingaro comes with a tint of malt and corn which offers a mildly bitter taste
Feel the exquisite flavor!

Best Beer Brands in India_Zingaro Beer
Image Courtesy: Untappd Akamaized

Zingaro Beer Price In India:
₹ 100.00 For Zingaro Beer 650ML.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Zingaro Beer: 7.5%

41. Peroni

Produced by the Peroni Brewery in Italy, Peroni Nastro Azzurro is one of the most widely known beer brands that is recognized for its intensely firm and refreshing blonde taste. Representing the unique vibrance of Italy, Peroni comes with Malt and light bitter taste, accompanied by a warm citrusy aroma and features a straw gold appearance
Bring on the sophisticated and elegant side of yours and enjoy the mischief of the day!

Best Beer Brands in India_Peroni Beer
Image Courtesy: The Denizen

Peroni Beer Price In India:
₹ 130.00 For Peroni Nastro Azzurro Premium Lager Beer 330ML.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Peroni Nastro Azzurro Premium Lager Beer: 5.1%

42. Murphy’s Irish Stout

If you love indulging in a rich, creamy, and dark pour then the iconic Murphy’s Irish Stout is made for you. Internationally recognized and most admired Irish Stout beer, Murphy’s Stout has won the hearts of many beer enthusiasts, since 1856. It becomes irresistible to hold oneself upon noticing its deep brown color accompanied by a rich chocolaty coffee aroma. The beer is silky smooth on the palate with a soft indulgent coffee and toffee undertones
Time to disappear in the sensuous flavor of playfulness!

Best Beer Brands in India_Murphy’s Irish Stout Beer
Image Courtesy: Beer of the day

Murphy’s Irish Stout Beer Price In India:
₹ 500.00 For Murphy’s Irish Stout Beer 500ML.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Murphy’s Irish Stout Beer: 4%

43. Hopper Blonde

Based out of India, but brewed in Belgium, Hopper is s true Belgian Lager made with 100% Malt to ensure undiluted assurance of the quality of beer. A crisp fresh Witbier with a pleasant bitterness achieved by using only the finest Aromatic Hops, Hopper Blonde has a smooth, soft and rounded aftertaste. 8 days of fermentation and 30 days of maturation guarantee a natural clarity, taste stability, and a very accessible flavor with an attractive body.

Best Beer Brands in India_Hopper Blonde Beer
Image Courtesy: Brewer World

Hopper Blonde Beer Price In India:
₹ 185.00 For Hopper Blonde Beer 330ML.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Hopper Blonde Beer: 4.3%

Currently Available: Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore & Chennai

44. Moonshine Meadery

The first of its kind, Moonshine Meadery is apparently Asia’s first Meadery. Though it can be debated that the mead technically does not fall under the beer category it is still gathering a fan base due to its sweetish taste and easy to drink capabilities. In a coffee, apple cyder-Wine, and traditional varietals, it’s readily available in Pune and Mumbai. They soon plan to diversify and pour all across the country.

Best Beer Brands in India_Moonshine Meadery Beer
Image Courtesy: Moonshine Meadery

Moonshine Meadery Beer Price In India:
₹ 220.00 For Moonshine Meadery Beer 330ML.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Moonshine Meadery Beer: 4%

Currently Available: Pune and Mumbai

45. Mahou

Acknowledged and guzzled happily by beer lovers, Mahou is a Spanish beer that’s appreciated internationally for its refreshing taste and delicate balance of alcohol and acidity. As the name suggests, this legendary beer is well-known for its large portfolio of variants and zestful flavors and has been around for several decades serving mankind with its magical potion.

Best Beer Brands in India_Mahou Beer
Image Courtesy: Mahou India

Mahou Beer Price In India:
₹ 210.00 For Mahou Beer 650ML.

Alcohol by Volume Percentage of Mahou Beer: 4.8%

Now just don’t be shy to tell us that we have literally spoilt you with choices over the Beers. Seriously! They are just too many, Right? So, the next time you feel like unwinding yourself partying with your gang or getting a round of your favorite Beer, make a little more informed decision. Know that there is a beer available for every mood and every occasion, and our curated list of the best beer brands in India is all you need to get the gluttony going!

Let’s Sin Together…

Did we miss out on your favorite beer? Do let us know in the comments section below.

N.B. This Editor Ain’t Booze… Hey! Where is My Beer, Man?



Q. How do I make beer?
With hops, barley, and patience.

Q. How long does beer stay in your system?
A. On average, 6–10 hours.

Q. How many beers are in a keg?
A. 165 beers in the keg.

Q. When was beer invented?
A. Beer can trace its roots as far back as Mesopotamia — 5th millennium B.C. or older.

Q. Which country drinks the most beer?
A. We were thinking of Texas, but it turns out to be the Czech Republic. The people of the Czech Republic consume 156 liters of beer per capita, more than any other country, followed by Ireland and Germany.

Q. What happens when we consume excessive beer?
A. The alcohol in beer can harm the liver. Drinking beer and taking medications can harm the liver and also, can increase the risk of liver damage.

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